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Spandau Ballet / PM Dawn / The State ?!?!?

More on the Spandau/PM Dawn Controversy:

Upon further inspection, of an archived photo from the 1982 video shoot for Spandau Ballet's video "True", more evidence linking PM Dawn to Spandau ballet was uncovered. If you look closely in the top right corner, you will notice our "Smooth-Rap" heroes of PM Dawn, Prince Be and DJ Minute Mix.
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In another note on this breaking story, was Spandau Ballet the original breeding ground for 1990's comedy troupe "The State"? You decide...we've known of Michael Showalters involvement, but is that one Joe Lo Truglio in the bottom right corner? You Decide.
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Our specialist in facial feature charts will examine the mystery closer. More to come.

maybe Battle Star Galactica isn't gay...

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Welcome Mike Bonanno

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I'm fairly certain that you can also find someone from Spandau Ballet in the background of this video as well. Spandau Ballet, much like Waldo in his acclaimed series of children's books, are in the background of every single YouTube video. After carefuly examining each and every frame of the video, you can generally also locate a top hat, a banana peel or a moustache.

Introducing Griff

Introducing Griff!!!

Soonts is up and running.

Look out world. This place will make you a god damn sexual tyrannosaurus !

P M Dawn and Spandaue ballet

Whilst viewing the video for P M Dawns fantastic song Set Adrift on Memory Bliss, something odd was discovered. If you fast forward to 3:33, you will see an odd mulleted Caucasian individual, singing. Riding strong on a hunch I queued up Spandau Ballets "true" video("Set Adrift on Memory Bliss" samples Spandau ballets ballad "True"). This is not confirmation but let the chart help you to draw a conclusion. Or is it Michael Showalter?